The perfect day

Days don’t come much better than this.

This morning:

Celebration huddle

Fire the glitter cannon

This afternoon:

Victor's grave

Flowers for Victor

These were my two main reasons for coming to Australia: to see the England team make cricket history, and to pay homage at the grave of a man who was cricket history.

It has been an emotional day, and I am very tired.

I am also very happy.

I wonder whether it is even possible to have another day that could possibly be better than this one.

2 Responses to “The perfect day”

  1. RKV says:

    Damn, I wish I had come to meet you. I was at the SCG today. I wanted to say thanks for your cricket tweets which I have greatly enjoyed over the last few months. Best

  2. legsidefilth says:

    Ah, cheers for the kind words mate. Yeah, it was the trip of a lifetime. Will never forget it.

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